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On 25 May 2016 the Supervisory Board of Bioton S.A. ("Bioton", "Company") decided to form a strategy development committee whose principal task will be to raise Bioton's operations to global level and to develop diabetes products portfolio, as the main area of Company operation. Therefore, the Supervisory Board has decided to delegate its Chairman, Mr Jubo Liu and a Vice Chairman, Mr Dariusz Trzeciak, to directly supervise the process of development and implementation of the new strategy of the Company.

At the same time, Bioton's Supervisory Board has agreed with Mr Sławomir Ziegert, the President of Bioton, that he shall take over a function on the Supervisory Board level and shall offer his wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to support the development of the strategy of global operation of Bioton.

We have a high opinion on the engagement and work of Mr Ziegert and his contribution to the Company during the restructuring process and ownership structure changes. Bioton is a unique pharmaceutical company with enormous growth potential on international markets. It is the direction we intend to develop dynamically. Under Mr Ziegert's management, since 2009, Bioton has transformed into a comprehensive company offering products for diabetic patients, including the flagship product - human insulins, and developing perfectly prognosticating insulin analogues. Bioton's products basis is solid and includes a unique portfolio of products for diabetes treatment. – Mr Jubo Liu, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bioton, said

Mr Ziegert's specialist knowledge and experience in managing the company offering products for diabetic patients, as well as his strategic attitude classifies him as an outstanding member of the Supervisory Board – Jubo Liu stated.

Therefore, effective as of 30 May 2016, Mr Sławomir Ziegert will be replaced on the position of the President of Bioton by Mr Marcin Dukaczewski. Mr Dukaczewski has been delegated from the Supervisory Board to temporarily manage these tasks and shall carry out the ongoing operations of the Company together with Mr Adam Polonek, a member of the Managing Board of Bioton responsible for finance and Mr Marek Dziki, a member of the Managing Board of Bioton responsible for commercialization.

I have closely cooperated with Mr Dukaczewski within the Supervisory Board and, in my opinion, his direct engagement and contribution to Bioton make him a proper person to be implementing the strategy of Bioton which is currently being developed. Mr Dukaczewski has been connected with Bioton for many years and as a former Chairman of the Supervisory Board made a valuable contribution to the restructuring process of Bioton and to new shareholders' joining the Company. – Jubo Liu said.

Mr Dukaczewski's main goal shall be remodelling the structure of the Company and implementation, with the reinforced executive team, of the new strategy of the Company with the full use of the synergy with the strategic shareholders of Bioton.

It is worth emphasizing that the remaining, minority shareholders, represented in the Supervisory Board fully support the actions taken by the Supervisory Board aiming at the development and implementation of the new Bioton strategy. – Mr Dariusz Trzeciak, a Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bioton, said

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