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BIOTON S.A. and MSD, a part of the American concern Merck & Co., have concluded an agreement according to which BIOTON shall cooperate with MSD within the scope of development of the market of hypercholesterolemia treatment with an innovative medication - Ezetrol (ezetymib).


Ezetrol is an effective medication lowering cholesterol and other lipids concentration in blood. During the clinical trial IMPROVE-IT, which covered 18 000 patients, the inclusion of Ezetrol to the standard therapy translated into a significant decrease of the number of heart attacks and ischemic strokes as compared with the group which was solely treated with statin. There are approximately 18 million patients suffering from hypercholesterolemia in Poland. Out of that number, over 3 million patients are covered by a standard therapy with statins, and despite that fact as many as 80% of them do not achieve desired treatment results. The market of preparations regulating lipid management in Poland is worth 500 million PLN.


This agreement is of great significance for us because it shall allow further strengthening of Bioton's position in the segment of metabolic diseases treatments. Lipid management disorders often coexist with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So, we have the opportunity to introduce an innovative and effective therapy, based on the existing Company resources and market expertise, into practice. - says Jerzy Barbachowski, Sales and Marketing Director of Bioton.


MSD is one of the seven largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It offers around 100 innovative medicines to patients. Scientists teams working for MDS have made many groundbreaking inventions and allowed introduction of modern therapies in such important areas as e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma or rheumatoid arthritis, and vaccines for adults and children. 


We have been successfully cooperating with the leading biotechnological Polish company since 2014. So far, the cooperation has covered hospital and anti-diabetic medicines. We are glad that we are able to extend this cooperation by yet another innovative product - says Erik Plas, the Managing Director of MSD in Poland.

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